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Calling all party people!

DAYLIGHT Beach Club has quite the treat for you this weekend. On Friday, May 5, DAYLIGHT will be holding the 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show. You’re welcome in advance.

Guys, we know you don’t want to miss out on the action.

On a typical day at DAYLIGHT Beach Club, you would find hot girls in bikinis, headlining DJs, champagne showers, the best cocktail waitresses on the planet and a whole lot of fun in the sun. On Friday, you will find all of that, AND the 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show will be going down.

On top of that, DJ E-Man will be doing his thing, and you’re going to want to let loose as a result.

Just to get a better idea of how LIT DAYLIGHT will be on Friday, check out the video below. While watching it, try to picture the 2017 Miss USA Swimsuit Fashion Show going on — because that’s how Friday is going to be!

It’s time to get turnt, fam! Who’s with us?

See pure beauty this Friday. Purchase your tickets here! You might want to get on that, because everyone is going to want to party at DAYLIGHT Beach Club this weekend … for obvious reasons.

If you need another reason to venture to DAYLIGHT on Friday, which is crazy talk, then remember this little detail: It will also be Cinco de Mayo!

From our beach club to yours, happy pool party season!

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