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Get your free Bottle Service quote now

Summer 2017 begins on Tuesday, June 20, but pool party season is already going strong. Post Malone will be venturing to DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Thursday, June 22 for some ECLIPSE action. If you haven’t been, ECLIPSE is basically a LIT pool party at night.

There is arguably only one thing better than a pool party during the summer, and that is a pool party AT NIGHT during the summer. Party people, DAYLIGHT Beach Club has you covered!

So, not only will you be partying on one of the first days of summer if you journey to DAYLIGHT on June 22 but you will be doing so at night!

To purchase your Post Malone tickets, make sure to follow this link. If you are wanting to really go out in style, then you can purchase your daybeds (or in this case, nightbeds) with some bottle service here.

Just in case you are wondering how cray cray things can get at DAYLIGHT for an ECLIPSE party, you can watch and learn from the video below.

That, my friends, is how you vacation.

Get your squad together, purchase those tickets and get ready to live it up all summer long!

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