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Metro Boomin did a set at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on June 11. The best part? June 11 just so happened to fall on a Sunday … and that meant another fire version of LIT Sundays went down at DAYLIGHT!

As you can see from the video above, basically everyone got down and dirty, which tends to be the case when LIT Sundays is in the air. And, yes, bros, the girls are always looking that good!

If you missed out on the pool party action, all is not lost, because LIT Sundays will be going strong all summer long! You know you want to party with headlining hip hop artists at a turnt place like DAYLIGHT Beach Club, and you also know you want to turn the party meter all the way up by raging to the max.

In the spirit of that thinking, you and your crew can check out our calendar and purchase your LIT Sundays tickets by following this link!

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