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Get your free Bottle Service quote now

When thinking of fun things to do during the summer, hitting up a pool party likely comes to mind every single time. However, if you really fancy yourself a partygoer, then you will raise the bar a notch by partying at a day club, and not just any day club, but DAYLIGHT Beach Club. Now that you are sold on DAYLIGHT (because why wouldn’t you be?), you would be doing yourself a huge favor by hitting up our pool party on Saturday, July 15. Why? Well, because Laidback Luke will be doing a DJ set.

Laidback Luke is certainly amped for the show, and you should be ready to go all the way up as well!

After watching the above video, there is only one thing left to do: Purchase your tickets and party with us! If you are really feeling frisky, then you and your friends should go in on a daybed. Trust us, the bottle service life is the best way to get down at the pool.

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