Kevin Hart Goes Shirtless For Las Vegas Birthday Bachelor Bash!

Kevin Hart shows off his fit body while going shirtless for his birthday and bachelor bash held at beach club DAYLIGHT on Monday (July 4) in Las Vegas.

The 36-year-old Central Intelligence actor partied with friends in VIP where they danced and drank bottles of Moet, Ace of Spades, D’usse, and Ciroc.

“Being healthy is important to me because you get one life,” Kevin recently told People, while discussing his upcoming hosting duties at Rally HealthFest in NYC. “You can either take advantage of that life and maximize it, or your can increase your chances of shortening up that lifespan. There aren’t any go-to workouts because they change every day. It’s about getting up and knowing that I’m being active, that I’m staying truly committed to a goal that I signed up for, and a promise I made to myself.”