If you are trying to think of the perfect destination for your next spring break vacation, then look no further than Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Next, if you are looking for the adventure to end all adventures while you are at Mandalay Bay, then head on over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

One might be wondering what DAYLIGHT Beach Club brings to the table. When it comes to an epic pool party — and fun in the sun — what doesn’t DAYLIGHT bring to the table?

Here are some of the perks of partying at DAYLIGHT during spring break: (1) The best of the best when it comes to cocktail waitresses. (2) Cold drinks. (3) A pool party at its finest. (4) Great music via incredible DJs. (5) Girls, girls and more girls.

Don’t believe us?

Check out the pictures below to find 15 more reasons why you should party at DAYLIGHT Beach Club during spring break.


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Now that you have seen picture proof of DAYLIGHT being the place to be during spring break (or any break, really), make sure to visit us ASAP!

There’s only one way to spend your spring break, and it all starts at DAYLIGHT.

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