Calling all pool party people!

If you are looking to start your April off on the right note, then make sure to purchase your tickets for Duke Dumont at DAYLIGHT Beach Club ASAP.

One might be wondering why they need to purchase their tickets ASAP. For those folks, here are some invaluable reasons: (1) For starters, April 1, which is the day this show goes down, is this Saturday. (2) No one does pool parties quite like DAYLIGHT. (3) Duke Dumont is — in every way imaginable — a phenomenal DJ.

In the spirit of getting you pumped up for his next outing at DAYLIGHT Beach Club, here are some of Duke Dumont’s most streamed songs on Spotify.

Enjoy, and see you at DAYLIGHT this weekend!

I Got U

Ocean Drive

Need U (100%)

The Giver (Reprise)

The Giver

As you can see from Duke Dumont’s top songs on Spotify, he can throw down. Just imagine his music combined with the pool party to end all pool parties. Well, if you are looking for that type of experience (who isn’t?), then look no further than DAYLIGHT on Saturday, April 1.

If you really want to take your party game up a notch or two, then make sure to add bottle service into the mix. After all, bottle service is the best kind of service.

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