DJ Duke Dumont put on one heck of a show at DAYLIGHT Beach Club last Saturday — to say the least.

The music was incredible, the weather was nice, the beverages were cold, the pool party was epic and good times took over the scene. If you missed out on Duke Dumont’s performance, then that is a major bummer; however, you can catch the best photos from said performance below.

The game plan: (1) Check out the images. (2) Purchase your tickets to DAYLIGHT. (3) Get ready to have the time of your life. It’s. Really. That. Simple.

We’ll be seeing you soon, you party animal, you!

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Now that you have seen picture proof of why you need to venture on over to DAYLIGHT Beach Club all summer long (Kid Rock style), it’s time to purchase your tickets. You can also take your pool party game to the ultimate level with some bottle service.

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