Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world. That’s just a fact of life.

With that in mind, all Vegas trips must come to an end. As a result, the post-Vegas blues start to arise. It’s inevitable. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s a relief.

Nonetheless, if you have ever taken a journey to Las Vegas, then you have likely gone through these stages of after-Vegas blues.

Stage 1: It’s Over? It’s Already Over?


During this stage, you simply can’t believe how fast your trip went. You remember getting here on Friday afternoon (or whenever it was), being so pumped up and ready to let the dogs out. Now, it’s Sunday morning, and it’s time to go home.

You’re shocked, probably a little irritable and likely 50 shades of hungover. Your Vegas journey — well, until next time, that is — is over, and you cannot believe how fast the time went by.

Stage 2: Wait, I Spent How Much Money?


For whatever reason, you decide to check your bank account…

What comes next could be tears, pure anger, depression or a mix of all three.

Sure, you threw around money the night before like it was your job, buying shots left and right for your crew in the process, but now the real world is staring you down. Now, you wonder how you are even going to afford ramen until the next payday.

You balled out in Vegas, you savage, you. It was nice, sure, but now your bank account itself is depressed.

You win again, Vegas.

Stage 3: Pain. I’m In So Much Pain.

More likely than not, you went through this stage the moment you woke up, but you are likely feeling it still — you are in so much pain.

Drinking and holding down water is a real feat, eating isn’t an option yet and your head has entered migraine city. On top of that, your heart is likely beating at an alarming rate (thanks a lot, Vegas Bombs), your voice is almost gone as a result of screaming at the club and, in every way imaginable, your body hates you.

Stage 4: I Can’t Believe I Was [Fill In The Blank] 24 Hours Ago

MORGAN PAGE Saturday, April 8

You might be home by now, you might be on a plane or you might be driving back. Nonetheless, you can’t believe you were at the club (or wherever it might be) 24 hours ago. After all, that moment feels like it was a lifetime ago.

You start to go through all of the feels. You start to miss Vegas, your friends and all the good times you just had … 24 hours ago.

Stage 5: Memory Lane

One of your friends (or possibly even you) posts a picture on Facebook, and, in a sense, you are proud of yourself.

You and your friends took care of business and crushed Vegas. You had the time of your life, took no prisoners and you made Vegas yours.

Pictures of your Vegas shenanigans start flooding your Facebook feed, and all you can think about now is the memories you just made … or have already forgotten, if you will.

Memory lane is upon you.

Stage 6: Time To Start Planning The Next Trip


You are no longer hungover, your brain is starting to work again, you forgot how much money you dropped at the club and/or casino and all you want to do is plan another trip to Vegas.

Therefore, you reach out to your Vegas buds and start planning your next adventure.

You know what you did right and wrong during your last Vegas trip, and you are ready to apply what you learned to your next Vegas trip.

Bring it on, Las Vegas!

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