Ice Cube

Ice Cube will be at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Thursday, July 13, fam! Not only that, but the legend will be returning for an Eclipse night party. Our night parties have been beyond incredible in the past. In case you haven’t seen just how awesome they get, we’re here to help.

Now until then, it is up to you to round up your crew and get them amped for the night swim party, and you can do exactly that by checking out the below video.

This is not a drill, and we know you want to party the night away at DAYLIGHT with your favorite rapper. There is nothing quite like a night swim, and with Ice Cube, (a.k.a. a legend) in the house it is sure to get wild and plenty of putting your backs into it!

In case you missed the last time Ice Cube came through DAYLIGHT, here’s a gallery of all that went down.

Purchase your tickets here, and then get ready to have the time of your life!

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