LIT Sundays DAYLIGHT Beach Club Mandalay Bay

Get those flippy floppies and swim trunks ready, because on Sunday, July 16, not only will DAYLIGHT Beach Club be doing another version of LIT Sundays, but a S.K.A.M. Artist Takeover will take place as well!

What does this mean for partygoers? Simple. If you are a fan of fire tracks, then your ears are going to be blessed with amazing tunes, and siick DJs, on July 16.

LIT Sundays

Taking over at DAYLIGHT will be DJ Five, DJ Sid Vicious, DJ Turbulence, DJ Crooked and DJ Jen Jones.

If this was any other LIT Sundays show, then it would still be one of the best things you could do during the day while in Vegas. However, the rage meter will be turned all the way up for this pool party, you guys!

LIT Sundays

The best thing you can do to prepare for DAYLIGHT on July 16 is purchasing your tickets here, booking your bottle service here and preparing mentally for one of the best pool parties of the summer!

To learn more about SKAM Artist, make sure to follow this link to their website.

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