Dre Sinatra LIT Sundays Daylight Beach Club

Fam, Dre Sinatra will be dropping beats at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Sunday, July 23. If you purchase tickets to the show, not only will you finally get to party at the hottest destination in Vegas but you will also get to do so on LIT Sundays, which is basically a rager.

You’ve seen the pictures and videos before, and, as a result, you know you haven’t truly had fun in the sun until you have partied at DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

LIT Sundays LIT Sundays

We understand how bad your FOMO can get when you are constantly seeing pics and vids of LIT times at DAYLIGHT. As a result, it’s time to finally pull the trigger by heading to the best pool party scene in Vegas.

Stop missing out, and purchase your tickets to Dre Sinatra ASAP! Call up your crew and let’s get this thing started! What else do you have to do on July 23?

The correct answer: Let loose at DAYLIGHT Beach Club!

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