Laidback Luke DAYLIGHT Mandalay Bay

Laidback Luke is always welcome at DAYLIGHT Beach Club! Once again, he graced us with his presence, dropped some mad tunes and turned up the pool party to the max level. He is clearly a genius when it comes to hyping people up via his sick set.

Don’t believe us? Well, lucky for you we actually have the video proof.

For all of the party people who didn’t join us on the 15th, or for the ones who did and would like to relive the day just a little bit, make sure to check out the LIT video from Laidback Luke’s July 15 show below.

This video basically sums up what DAYLIGHT is all about: The best of times in pool party fashion.

Now that you have seen how crazy things tend to get at DAYLIGHT, especially when a big name like Laidback Luke is in the building, it’s probably time for you and your friends to start planning your next (or first) trip to DAYLIGHT Beach Club.

Therefore, you can check out our calendar here to see who is performing next! See you soon, fam.

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