The people have spoken … and DAYLIGHT Beach Club’s ECLIPSE night pool party concert has been voted Best Nighttime Pool Party Concert by Vegas Seven!

That’s right, fam. We’ve been telling you all summer how dope these parties are, and now you have proof! Here is what Vegas Seven had to say about them:

“Have you ever seen a living legend in concert and were suddenly hit with the thought, ‘I can’t believe I’m here. Am I worthy?’ That feeling sweeps over the crowd whenever the likes of Ice Cube or Rick Ross take the stage at Daylight Beach Club’s nighttime Eclipse parties. Credit Play Management for setting their sights on artists who can sell out arenas but are just as happy to make your year with an intimate poolside show.”

An ECLIPSE night swim is easily one of the most LIT experiences going down in Vegas right now! For proof of that, check out this insane recap video of past performances.

Just in case you need a refresher/more information about Vegas Seven, here’s what they are all about (via

“Founded in 2010, Vegas Seven is a weekly city magazine that has emerged as Las Vegas’ most dynamic, innovative and visually interesting publication. With each issue, readers not only better understand their city, but how to live their lives better in it.

“Unlike most weeklies, Vegas Seven touches on all categories of Las Vegas life—from fashion and food to health and sports to politics and education. And it does so with authority, using the most knowledgeable and skilled writers, editors, photographers and designers available.

“Seven strives for thoughtful, in-depth coverage, bringing its growing readership the story behind the stories and the meaning behind the moments. It is a publication that cares about the city, and it wants to capture—if not be a part of—the spirit that makes this the most interesting place to live in the 21st century.”

We know you totes want to let loose with DAYLIGHT after dark, and you are so in luck, because Waka Flocka will be performing on Thursday, Aug. 10, and Rick Ross will return on Thursday, Aug. 24 — and you better believe both shows will be during an ECLIPSE night swim!

Don’t miss out! After all, fam, night swims are the best swims.

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