LIT Sundays

There are a million different reasons to party at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Sunday, Aug. 6, and LIT Sundays is most certainly one of them.

To get a little more specific, we want to talk about three reasons you should come out THIS particular Sunday.

Blackout Artist Takeover

Reason No. 1: Blackout Artists Takeover will be so happening, which means you can expect to see more than one DJ tearing up the DJ booth. Spoiler: Fire beats will be dropped left and right, and all freaking day!

Reason No. 2: Since we are talking about Sunday here, another edition of LIT Sundays will be going down at DAYLIGHT, and you will be going hard in the yard as a result — trust us!

Reason No. 3: It’s the summer, and there is no better way to spend a summer day than by going all sorts of HAM at one of the best pool parties in Vegas.

If you have to miss the Blackout Artists Takeover for whatever reason, then, well, you are probably going to be crushed when you see the pics from the pool party making their way over to our photo gallery. We don’t want you to be crushed, and we know you don’t want to be either, so do yourself — and all of your friends — a major favor by purchasing your tickets now!

This Sunday is going to be soo LIT, fam, especially when you and your crew are busting out dance moves, drinking cold ones, cooling off in the pool and listening to the best tunes via the Blackout Artists Takeover!

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