Waka Flocka

Calling all party people! Waka Flocka is headlining at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on Thursday, Aug. 10! If that were the only good news, then it would still be a pretty LIT day; however, there is so much more to get excited about for the simple fact that Waka Flocka’s performance will be going down during an ECLIPSE night swim!

If you have yet to see the great Waka Flocka in person … or partied at DAYLIGHT … or went HAM during an ECLIPSE party, then your mind is about to be blown! Better yet, your party game is about to enter the big leagues.

In hopes of getting you amped AF for the big-time event, we found five of the most fire Waka Flocka tracks (via YouTube). Check them out below, and try not to get too turnt while listening to them, because you are going to want to be on your A game on Aug. 10.

No Hands

Hard in Da Paint

O Let’s Do It


I Don’t Really Care

Now that you are totes all the way up, it’s time to purchase those Waka Flocka ECLIPSE tickets ASAP, and you can do so by following this link.

Can’t make this show but still want to hit up the best pool party on the Strip in the very near future? Make sure to check out DAYLIGHT Beach Club’s calendar here! Spoiler: Big-name artists are always doing sets at our beach club, so you have plenty of opportunities to let loose to some of your favorite tunes!

FYI: DAYLIGHT is located at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

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