Morgan Page

Morgan Page will be heading to DAYLIGHT Beach Club for a DJ set on Saturday, Aug. 19, and with fall just around the corner, you need to be spending the last few weeks of pool party season the right way.

Of course, the right way includes partying at DAYLIGHT with some of the hottest artists in the game, such as the talented Morgan Page.

Now, we want you to be as ready as possible for this big-time show, so we are going to do you a little favor (you can thank us later!). This favor comes in the form of Morgan Page’s best songs, and even better than that, all of them are videos on YouTube.

The only thing you have to do? Listen to his tunes and start turning up! Check them out below, and get ready to slay at your favorite pool party scene in Las Vegas.

The Longest Road

Fight For You


Running Wild

Body Work

DAYLIGHT Beach Club is located at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Champagne showers, hot girls in bikinis, fun in the sun and an epic party is on your horizon.

Purchase your Morgan Page tickets here!

You can get extra ready for the show by checking out our photo gallery. Spoiler alert: it’s LIT, fam.

Summer 2017 is coming to an end faster than we would like, but there are still plenty of times to turn up at the pool before fall is officially here. Check out the upcoming events here.

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