Nick and Dan

DAYLIGHT Beach Club has an extra special treat for partygoers on Sunday, Aug. 20. For the next version of LIT Sundays, Instagram stars/comedians Nick and Dan will be hosting the party and you know it’s about to go down.

Baton Rouge’s Nick Joseph and Dan Rue are so hilarious and popular that they are now considered Instafamous. Look no further than Dan’s 1.9 million followers and Nick’s 1.5 million loyal fans on Instagram to figure that one out.

You may have seen them in a viral video featuring T-Pain … a video that has racked up 1,946,046 views (at the time of writing). You might have even seen Nick and Dan on stage with the great T-Pain amping up the crowd with their performance. They are everywhere.

One of our personal favorites was when Nick and Dan stole a primate and fed it a marshmallow, although all of their videos are comedic gold.

The primate video was hilarious, and you can actually check it out below.

Needless to say, this comedy duo is no stranger to getting into some trouble (via good clean fun,) AND dancing.

You might recognize Nick in the video above. That might be because you recognize him from his antics with Dan, or you might have seen his Vine videos in the past. You can take away Vine, but you can’t take away this man’s fame. He is a freaking star.

They also have gone viral for “breaking in” to several celebrity houses. Here’s one of them going inside Anthony Davis’ house and playing basketball on his court. Here’s another of them breaking into NBA 2k’s headquarters and attempting to get in the game. Oh, and there was that time they had tea with Amber Rose.

Needless to say, these guys know how to have fun, and you can expect this LIT Sunday to be exactly that.

Nick and Dan specialize in all things comedy (and they also have some siick dance moves), and if you are a fan of laughing, make sure to purchase your tickets here, and get ready to laugh your face off.

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