Morgan Page DAYLIGHT Beach Club Mandalay Bay

While fall has officially taken over in most places, we aren’t going to let summer 2017 go quite yet. In fact, we’re still raging at DAYLIGHT Beach Club on a weekly basis (our last day of the season is Oct. 15), and that will especially be the case on Saturday, Sept. 30 when Morgan Page is in the house doing his thing.

While you’ve likely heard some of Morgan Page’s songs over the years (you know, like “Fight For You” and “The Longest Road”), he’s released a few singles this year, which includes “Fight My Way.” Check it out below!

If you’re wanting to listen to some of his tracks before Sept. 30 is here, then look no further than this link.

Morgan Page is constantly putting on epic shows at DAYLIGHT Beach Club (all of the artists that perform at our venue follow that never-ending trend), and you can rest assured that you’re going to have an amazing time on Sept. 30. Needless to say, you will be in good hands. After all, Morgan Page is a Grammy-nominated DJ/producer, and this isn’t his first rodeo.

The last Morgan Page appearance was on Aug. 19, and he didn’t disappoint (check out this photo gallery to see what you missed out on, and also what you can expect to see on Sept. 30).

Fall might be here, but the party doesn’t have to stop yet. Make sure to purchase your Morgan Page tickets here, and get ready for some champagne showers, the hot sun and great music.

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