edc week

EDC Week is for the real fans of electronic dance music, and some of the best DJs in the game hit up DAYLIGHT Beach Club to celebrate the festival.

For anyone who does not know, EDC Week is pretty legendary in the electronic dance music community. Some of the absolute best DJs in the world all come out for the Electronic Daisy Carnival, which takes place at night over a few days, which means we at DAYLIGHT Beach Club have to have some of the best DJs for you to keep the partying going during the day.

First up was the Bassrush pool party on Thursday. DJs LICK, JSTJR, GHASTLY, ADVENTURE CLUB & QUIX came out for a one-hour set each. Adventure Club also brought DJ Snails with them who hung out and got on the mic during their set. The crowd was especially loving it when the DJs were hanging out and signing merch. These guys know how to treat their loyal fans and it was so cool to watch!

DAYLIGHT Resident DJ Ookay took the stage on Friday, May 17 for a couple of hours. He brought his puppet along with him and interacted with the crowd and even hopped on the mic to sing to a few songs. Per usual, Ookay was lively jumping around to his music and getting the crowd involved in the show like he always does. What a day it was.

Resident DJ Duke Dumont came out for another amazing set in the Saturday sun on May 18. Singer Shaun Ross was with him who is featured in the song Red Light, Green Light. Shaun took the mic when Duke played the song and performed it on stage as a special moment for the crowd. Things got super LIT when he started handing out tequila shots during the song. Duke is a legend in our eyes and always gets his crowd going all day long.

We could not possibly be more excited about the lineup we have for you on Memorial Day Weekend.  Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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