Bay Area Unite 2023 at DAYLIGHT

Too Short & Crew Serve It Up For You This Saturday 

Whether you’re from The City or The Town, it’s time to get down at Bay Area Unite 2023 at DAYLIGHT. This Saturday, September 23rd, Too Short leads the charge with Oke Junior, Shabazz, and DJ Ryon starting at 11 am. 

Blow The Whistle 

What’s your favorite word? Get ready to shout it loud and proud once Too Short takes the stage. He’s been repping the Bay Area and riling up crowds for decades. Too Short’s rap reign is very long, and he’s one of the OG’s of the game. Actually, he’s pretty much rap royalty. That’s why The New York Times Magazine featured Too Short for their Hip-Hop at 50 series. So, grab your cup, fill it up, and get juiced to see Too Short headline Bay Area Unite 2023 at DAYLIGHT.

“It has an emotion, a feeling, and a certain swag. It’s the lingo, the look, and a lot of things.”

Too Short, on Bay Area Hip Hop 

510 Men

Too Short is running with a large crew for Bay Area Unite 2023 at DAYLIGHT. Hip Hop artist Oke Junior is bringing his Oakland-grown talent to the stage. His latest single “Breakthrough” proves why he caught the attention of Too Short, Sway, Mistah Fab, and even Marshawn Lynch while he was still in college. Recently, Oke Junior’s music was synced on ESPN and the NFL Network. The only way is up for this “Golden Child.” 

Shabazz–a man with a passion for fashion–will be on the tables. He’ll be looking to do his favorite thing: “breaking records and just controlling the crowd and giving them the soundtrack to escape their reality. ”DJ Ry-ON aka Plant Daddy aka DocDoAlot is also bringing his flows of Hip Hop, Trap, and Rap this Saturday. This former vet will make you work up a sweat while you’re at the hottest pool club in Vegas. He’s got a knack for taking vintage vibes and making them thrive with contemporary Hip Hop hits. 

“It’s Funk and Soul mixed with Hip-Hop and technology, all rolled up in one with some dope-ass melodies and crispy, precise vocals with true-to-life lyrics. That’s the Bay Area sound.”


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