DAYLIGHT’s Diverse Line-Up Hits All The Right Spots

DAYLIGHT Has More Variety Than Any Other Las Vegas Beach Club

Friday Fun In The Sun 

DAYLIGHT’s diverse line-up makes for a great weekend of constant entertainment. Fridays at DAYLIGHT are all about lighting the flame so that the entire weekend is fire. Fridays have a variety of artists and DJs that play a range of music with the sole purpose of getting you turnt. At DAYLIGHT, happy hour literally starts right when the sun starts to gain momentum at 11 AM, so the only work you need to do on Fridays is work on your tan and pick-up game. Jaime the Great, Soxxi, and DJ Zo are just a few of the artists bringing you the noise this month, making sure to get you set for a wild and wet time at DAYLIGHT. 

Sunburst Saturdays

Sunburst Saturdays are all about good vibes and energy. Artists and DJs like Mikey Francis, Spyda Tek, Dr. Fresch, and more bring EDM to DAYLIGHT and serve as the pulse of Las Vegas beach clubs. EDM has variations of melodies, frequencies, and vibrations to get people up and moving. Since there are so many different subgenres like house, trance, vaporware, dubstep, etc., EDM has a sound for everyone to get down to. The EDM community is super inclusive, and a lot of EDM doesn’t have lyrics, so there’s no language barrier and people from all over the world can unite through the music. In DAYLGIHTS’s huge 50,000 sq ft. venue and the 5,000 square foot main pool, the reverb of the beats is next level, making for an experience unlike any other Las Vegas beach club. 

LIT Sundays

Sunday Funday is a must, especially in Vegas. LIT Sundays at DAYLIGHT are a way to keep the weekend party going with rap, trap, and R&B. The deep beats and mixed rhythms provide a rejuvenating feel to put you right after a wild night. With artists and DJs like K Camp, Neva, and Rich Homie Quan, you won’t be able to resist raising your drink while lifting your spirits, figuratively and literally. You’ll never know which hot artist might be popping into DAYLIGHT, so keep an eye on the events calendar so you don’t even miss any of the must-see performances. 

If you need to see it to believe it, check out DAYLIGHT’s Instagram and became one of the die-hard DAYLIGHT faithful!