DAYLIGHT’s Weekend Line-Up Understands The Assignment 

Get Down With The Hottest Talent Around at DAYLIGHT

The Vegas weather is heating up like a streak in NBA Jam, making it the perfect weekend for partying at the best beach club in Las Vegas: DAYLIGHT. Plenty of sun means plentiful buns, so come out and get your roll on at one–or all–of the hot shows in DAYLIGHT’s weekend line-up. 


Spyda Tek is back for yet another amazing show to kick off the weekend at DAYLIGHT. Tek’s seamless weaving of R&B threads is expert craftsmanship best enjoyed poolside. Spyda Tek is Las Vegas born-and-bred, so he knows exactly what vibe makes a Sin City pool party thrive. He’s also a master at a steady build–for those of you who like to dip your toe in to test the water. Like other expert DJs, he knows how to take that spark and heat it up until it’s a full-out rager. There’s no doubt that Spyda Tek’s set will get you primed for a wet and wild weekend at DAYLIGHT. 

If you need proof stronger than one of DAYLIGHT’s signature cocktails, check out pictures from Spyda Tek’s earlier 2023 DAYLIGHT performance here


This Saturday, Grammy-award-winning DJ and producer CID will be at DAYLIGHT. CID is one of the greatest EDM DJs with the ability to tackle any genre from House to Crossover Dance hits. He’s taken songs from Lana Del Ray, Lizzo, Ellie Goulding, and more and added his own unique signature spin that will make you dizzy with dopamine. CID has a unique ear, giving him the ability to hear the possibility in a track and flip it, opening it up to more audiences. He’s a literal crowd-pleaser with a wide range, so there’s something for everyone at a CID show. Just like it’s impossible to frown on a jet-ski, it’s unheard of to have less than an epic time partying with CID at DAYLIGHT. 


Rich Homie Quan is an Atlanta-born rapper who is no stranger to heating up the deck at DAYLIGHT. He launched his career with the single “Type of Way,” a catchy club track that cracked Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Shortly after, the New York Times labeled Quan as part of “Atlanta’s rising generation of rappers.” In 2014 he was nominated for two BET Awards: Best New Artist and Rookie of the Year. 

For the past decade, Rich Homie Quan has hustled and established himself with mixtapes and his debut album Rich as in Spirit. Songs like “Changed” and “34” as well as a guest appearance by Rick Ross gives the album longevity and credibility. With his lasting star power, Rich Homie Quan and the best beach club in Las Vegas are a natural pair. You never want to miss this Quan song on LIT Sundays, so make sure to get your tickets ahead of time! 

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