DJ Pope Hosts Neon Vibra at DAYLIGHT This Saturday Night 

Rumbiar With the Rey of Reggaeton at Neon Vibra at DAYLIGHT

The maestro from Medellin DJ Pope is headlining Neon Vibra’s Latin Night Swim this Saturday, July 30th at DAYLIGHT Beach Club starting at 10 pm PST. DJ Pope has been the official DJ for J Balvin for more than 15 years, with the two stars building up the reggaeton genre from the ground up in Columbia. He is a founder of the record label 574 Studios and one of the most significant figures of Colombian culture with an impressive music career of twenty years and counting.  A firm advocate that music, culture, and art changes lives, you’ll definitely agree after Neon Vibra at DAYLIGHT, dancing under the moon with one of the world’s biggest stars of Reggaeton music. 

Reggaeton Regulators Mount Up

Unfamiliar with Reggaeton? It’s a dancehall-type sound that’s been influenced by American hip hop, Latin American, and Caribbean music. Most of the vocals include rapping and singing in Spanish, a style that’s become increasingly popular in the states amongst native English speakers due to its sex appeal and hot beats. While Raggaeton originally gained popularity in places like Puerto Rico, artists like DJ Pope brought the movement to places like Columbia. Keep an ear out for some singularly Colombian slang like el parche (your group of friends) or jincho/a (to be drunk) and soon you’ll feel like a true Paisas (Columbian living abroad). 

El Jefe 

There’s a saying in the Colombia music scene that “If DJ Pope doesn’t know your music, you’re not working hard enough.” Despite his legendary status, DJ Pope has one of the most genuine connections with his crowd, always singing aloud and just as jazzed as everyone else to be there moving to the music. He dictates the wavelength everyone is riding, and his vibe is both chill and hype at the same time. DJ Pope literally never misses a cue, count, or beat, and he keeps a steady thrum of elevated energy throughout his set with his seamless transitions. He is one of those performers with an electric buzz that makes getting a buzz while you dance even more gas. 

Come party with el gente and DJ Pope at DAYLIGHT this Saturday Night. Swing your hips then take a dip and lap up the Latin love.