Final Chance To See TroyBoi at DAYLIGHT

It’s Okay To Cry Over TroyBoi, Bye

Time flies when you’re having fun (and rum), and it seems impossible that Saturday, August 5th, is already TroyBoi’s last show of the season. If you’ve slept on this incredible chance so far–wake up! Be there at 11 AM to see TroyBoi at DAYLIGHT. 

One More Time 

Seeing TroyBoi at DAYLIGHT this summer was a sight to behold. Like a fine (FINE) wine, TroyBoi got even tastier time after time. His sold-out shows were sick, and he brought the light to Sunburst Saturdays. His flows of rap, House, Bass, Future Bass, Vogue, and Dubstep did not disappoint. He kept the crowd fired up and was equal parts personable and charming. TroyBoi kept it spicy with special guest Yehme2 and also connected with his fans at meet and greets. There’s no doubt he’ll continue his upward trend, and his last show for the season will be his best yet. 

VIP for the VIP 

To celebrate and soak up one more time with TroyBoi, book one of DAYLIGHT’s VIP areas. They surround two private pools, and you can choose from 23 cabanas that you can upgrade to a Grand or Premium cabana for more space and refinement. There are also sectional sofas called Banquette Couches and Daybeds right off the main pool that provide the perfect seats. Want to go big before TroyBoi goes home? Book one of the ultra-VIP bungalows framing the stage. 

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