Get In Your Dances with DJ Mikey Francis at DAYLIGHT

One of Las Vegas’s Brightest Stars Will Light Up Sunburst Saturday at DAYLIGHT 

DJ Mikey Francis is at DAYLIGHT this Saturday! Mikey Francis is not only one of the best homegrown Las Vegas talents, but he also quite literally has his act together. His personal website is off the chain. It features an organized and aesthetic portfolio of his professional work including a bio, chronological samples of his music, and upcoming shows. There are also videos and his pictures showcasing his craft to help you visualize the flow. Naturally, 10 seconds on his site gets you hyped for his set at DAYLIGHT on Saturday, April 8th. Make sure you’re at the best Las Vegas beach club by 11 AM to catch all the action!

Dude’s A Pro

Mikey Francis has a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry from the University of Southern California. That is one of the reasons why he markets and documents his career so well. He credits college with finding his passion for electronic music, producing, and being a DJ. Fans of Mikey Francis’s shows know that he never half-asses anything – the dude is more amped up than his equipment. You’re bound to become upbeat from listening to Mikey Francis spin his sick beats at DAYLIGHT– his energy is contagious.

Preview The Power

You can listen to some of his latest 2023 releases of his originals/remixes like “Psycho Freak,” Prodigy’s “Breathe,” and “Manifest” on his official website. Also, pump yourself up even more for his DAYLIGHT set, and check out some of his DJ Mixes as well. Whatever you do, just don’t miss your chance to party with this Las Vegas legend starting at 11 AM on Saturday, April 8th. Get your tickets and make your reservations for a VIP table so that you and your crew have the best time ever.