Latin Legend DJ Pope At Neon Vibra

Rumbiar with the Rey of Reggaeton this Saturday Night at DAYLIGHT

Don’t miss a chance to party with the maestro from Medellin–come see DJ Pope at Neon Vibra! He’ll be headlining the only Latin Night Swim in Las Vegas this Saturday, May 20th, starting at 10 PM. 

DJ Pope has been the official DJ for J Balvin for more than 15 years. Both reggaeton stars built the genre in Columbia from the ground up. Pope is a founder of the record label 574 Studios and is one of the most significant figures of Colombian culture. His impressive music career spans twenty years and counting. He’s so influential that there’s a saying in the Colombian music scene: “If DJ Pope doesn’t know your music, you’re not working hard enough.”

One of DJ Pope’s core beliefs is that music, culture, and art change lives. You’ll notice that DJ Pope has one of the most genuine connections with his crowd. He’s always singing along and emanating happiness while he moves to the music. He dictates the wavelength everyone is riding, and his vibe is both chill and hype at the same time. 

DJ Pope literally never misses a cue, count, or beat, and he keeps a steady thrum of elevated energy throughout his set with seamless transitions. He is one of those performers who has an electric buzz that makes getting a buzz while you dance even more gas. Seeing DJ Pope at Neon Vibra performing amidst the glowing lights is a Reggaeton bucket-list opportunity. 

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