Partying With Brandi Cyrus at DAYLIGHT Beach Club Is a Must

Ray of Sunshine Brandi Cyrus Keeps Summer Spinning at DAYLIGHT Beach Club

Singer/Actress/Podcaster/TV Show Host and best of all badass DJ Brandi Cyrus is bringing her behind the booth talent poolside this Saturday, September 24th, for her last pool party of the summer at DAYLIGHT Beach Club. Even though fall technically begins this week, Vegas temperatures are still forecasted to be sky high at 99 degrees, so hold off on the chai spice and drink in some Brandi on ice while you party under the sun. There will be plenty of time in the coming months for itchy wool sweaters and carving pumpkins, so just make sure you don’t turn into one Friday night and sleep through the next morning’s hot party with Brandi Cyrus starting at 11 am!

Brandi Espresso 

You may be able to skip your morning coffee Saturday morning because Brandi Cyrus is like a shot of caffeine straight to the veins and brain. Her super energetic presence and bright-light energy behind the booth and on stage are effortless, contagious, and–pun intended–really upbeat.  Her overall positivity and lighthearted vibe sets the tone of the party and make it impossible not to have a great time.  

A Million Reasons to Party 

When it comes to her mixes and music, Cyrus doesn’t shy away from any genre or type. She can masterfully weave together rap, trap, and even country with a beat, including her father, Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Old Town Road,” in sequences that slap. Per her own admission, she always likes to include some throwback 2000s hip-hop and familiar beats that bring forth nostalgia of good times before. While she loves to have some of her go-to bourbon on hand to cut down on some of the tension and melt with the crowd, Cyrus is as legit as they come. Her media and performances are featured extensively on her Instagram account, showcasing substantial receipts on hundreds of jobs well done–and not to mention ONE MILLION followers.

Come celebrate never-ending summer fun with Brandi Cyrus this Saturday, September 24th at DAYLIGHT Beach Club