Rap Royalty King Combs Reigns at DAYLIGHT This Sunday

King Combs Is Set To Get You Wet This Sunday, August 7th at DAYLIGHT 

Even if you didn’t know who his daddy is, your head would turn and your toes would start tapping as soon as King Combs took the stage. King Combs is a handsome and humble individual who just so happens to be the son of legendary rapper Sean Love “Diddy” Combs. King has been modeling, singing, and rapping since his teens, but his official first drop into the rap game was his single “Type Different” in 2017. The title of his debut tells you that he aims to set his sound apart from his famous father, but have no fear that he brings some of that notorious Bad Boy records hype to both his music and performances, and he’s been busy making his mark in music since he signed. 

F*ck the Summer Up 

Some of King’s songs hit hard and the subject matter strays a little from the family affair. His second drop “F*ck the Summer Up” in 2017 gets straight to the point with the lyrics “My whole catalog platinum/Straight hits, no miss/Pops said if I want the crown/Then I got to go to work for it.” To prove his point, King Combs has kept up steady releases with similar vibes such as “Heaven Sent,” “On It!” and “Feeling Savage” that will have a faster beat that turns the hype up right away and set good energy and pace for a poolside party. 

Slow It Down Some 

While most of his sound is true hip hop, there is an undercurrent of R&B to some of his songs that produce a sexier sound. One of the best examples is his 2018 single “Love You Better” with Chris Brown on vocals. It has a brassier beat and a smoother delivery, so if you were coming to DAYLIGHT to find a little love in the club, stay tuned for jams like that one or “Naughty” feature Jeremih when you’re ready to shoot your shot. “Good to Ya” feature Ty Dolla $ign is an excellent in-between with a beat but some sensual lyrics like, “Biggie said birthdays were the worst days/Now we sip champagne when we thirsty” to get your grind on and maybe buy a bottle to literally go with the flow and impress some shorties on the down low. 

Gas You Up

You’ll have no doubt King Combs is a great musician and rapper in his own right seconds after he steps on stage. He moves very naturally and with gracefulness reminiscent of his late mother, actress, and icon Kim Porter, and he always has a sweet smile on his face that makes him seem just genuinely excited and happy to be there. It’s nearly impossible not to feel your own mood light up. For those who are hoping for a little bit of Daddy Diddy’s sound, King’s latest release “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” featuring Kodak Black fuses what he’s established with a little throwback Puffy and Ma$e mixed in. But his newest track “Gas You Up” with DreamDoll is the slap of the summer, with a step routine-ready beat and delivery reminiscent of ‘03 Clipse that will live in your head rent-free so long it’ll have squatters rights. 

End your weekend right at DAYLIGHT with King Combs and a naughty poolside party this Sunday, August 7th.