September at DAYLIGHT Is Off To A Sizzling Start

Summer Is A State Of Mind At DAYLIGHT 

Forget back to school–it’s still time to party in the pool. All the hot artists are stacked and ready to pack the party this September at DAYLIGHT.  The summer vibe is thriving at the Best Day Club in Las Vegas.



No one knows how to turn up the club better than a Las Vegas local. Spyda Tek is a home-grown talent, and he doesn’t disappoint. His R&B-infused sound is both classic and fresh, which provides a perfect Friday vibe. He’s been lighting the fire all summer long, with no plans of slowing down in sight. Catch Spyda Tek live starting at 11 a.m. 



Kid Funk lives up to his name and his worldwide acclaim. He’s a spin master who serves it up spicy and hot. His blends of House, Electro, Latin House, Progressive, and of course, Funky House, will satiate and validate. Kid Funk is all about pumping up the crowd and keeping the party going, so it’s impossible not to get down with him around. The Kid Funk fun starts Saturday at 11 a.m. 

Neon Vibra: DJEFX

MuzicSwipe’s official DJ, DJEFX, is back to host Neon Vibra this Saturday at 10 PM. DJEFX is a top-class performer who has spun all over the world. He’s all about “supplying good vibes to the people’s ears,” and loves to thrive off a crowd’s energy. DJEFX  was the first DJ Cover Artist on SWIPEMag. Even if “Boy You Broke,” it’s beyond worth it to see DJEFX perform at DAYLIGHT. 



DJ Crooked is a veteran DJ who is known for his ability to energize and connect with the crowd. He learned to DJ when he was only 11 years old. Since then, DJ Crooked has performed his open-format sets all over the United States. He was the first DJ to launch a podcast, which is called “Reflections of a DJ.” It was voted Best Podcast of 2021 by Las Vegas Weekly. Come see DJ Crooked at 11 a.m. this Sunday, and you’ll be in the presence of one of the greats. 

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