The Lineup at DAYLIGHT This Labor Day Will Be Dangerously Hot

Spend the Last Days of Summer Soaking Up Sun and Stars at DAYLIGHT This Labor Day

Yoohoo–big summer blowout! This is the one weekend of the year centered on “no work, all play,” and DAYLIGHT Beach Club is taking the spirit of this holiday to the next level this Labor Day with an impressive lineup of performers. There will be so many hot stars in sight, you’ll think you’re looking through NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope. This is the perfect time to treat yourself to a trifecta of talent while you party in the pool at the hottest place in Las Vegas. Check out DAYLIGHT’s Labor Day Lineup!

Saturday with BLXST

It’s only been six weeks since singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer BLXST dropped his latest single “Couldn’t Wait For It” featuring Rick Ross, and now you can be one of the lucky few who don’t have to wait to see him live. He first graced the world with his smooth and easy vocals on the hit “Chosen” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Tyga from his EP No Love Lost in 2020, and his debut album Before You Go released in April 2022 is full of more light and upbeat tracks like “Before You Go” and “Every Good Girl.” BLXST emanates total “sweetheart under that tough shell” vibes (recognize those South Central roots), and his sincerity and positivity are palpable, making his performances just hella fun. So suit up and lather on the sunscreen because songs like “About You” will put you in the perfect mood for a poolside serenade and a guaranteed BLXST.  

Sunday With Swae Lee

If you don’t think you know Swae Lee by now, you’re certified crazy. He’s been on the music scene as a singer, songwriter, and rapper for less than a decade, and he’s already worked with everyone from Post Malone to Drake to Madonna. He’s been nominated for five Grammy Awards, been certified gold, platinum, and even diamond, and even featured on two major motion picture soundtracks. His smooth, signature voice is as sweet as the Tupelo honey from his hometown, with incredible range that breaks through genres and tops the charts. His solo work is known for memorable melodies, hot hooks, and big beats. Swae Lee is superstar status, and a chance to party poolside with this legend is once in a lifetime. 

Monday Rubi Rose

Summer isn’t officially over until Rubi Rose sings raps, so take advantage of one last show of the season. With her throaty, lower-pitched voice, Rose’s explicit lyrics sound even sexier and make the beats of her music hit a little harder. She may be stunningly gorgeous, but it’s her sound that will shock you–songs like “Big Mouth” and “Pretty MF” get right to the point of what Rose is about. Plan on the energy being high and the pool is packed with Rose belting out her hits like “Truth” and “Loyal Dick” and don’t be surprised if the freak gets turned all the way up. You’re definitely going to “Hit Yo Dance ” especially since there will be a “Whole Lotta Liquor” all around as Rubi Rose is the definition of a party.