The Many Select VIP Options at DAYLIGHT

Reserve The Perfect Spot at The Best Beach Club in Las Vegas 

There is no such thing as a bad seat at DAYLIGHT Beach Club. The 4,500 square foot pool and massive stage mean every location is equipped for you personally to vibe and thrive. If you want to take it to the next level, there are plenty of select VIP options at DAYLIGHT for you to choose from. 

Something special about DAYLIGHT that you’ll notice right when you pull up into the parking lot is that it has a parking lot. You don’t have to access the best beach club in Las Vegas by trekking through a casino in street clothes like at other places. Just roll up and roll out to party. The only suggested cover-up is an alibi for your significant other. 

The VIP options at DAYLIGHT surround two private pools. There are 23 total cabanas that offer a shady seat for when you need a little break from the heat. They’re essential if you’re planning on spending all day poolside (which you should, duh). Cabanas are also a great solution for the eumaleninly challenged or burn-prone so you can still see and be in the action without having to spend your life savings on aloe. You can upgrade your experience to a Grand or Premium cabana for more space and refinement. 

There are abundant VIP options at DAYLIGHT that let you soak up the sun. Sectional sofas called Banquette Couches provide a great station for your crew to converse and take all the epic pool party pics for posting. Daybeds right off the main pool let you lounge and not have to scrounge for a seat while the best DJs and artists throw it down in the Vegas heat. If you live that extra life, opt for one of the ultra-VIP bungalows framing the stage. 

All of these exclusive VIP options at DAYLIGHT are in close proximity to a main bar where you can order custom cocktails and made-to-order food with ease. Book your VIP experience at DAYLIGHT ahead of time here and enjoy a luxurious day at the pool unlike any other. 

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