You MAY Be Blown Away by DAYLIGHT’s Weekend Line-Up

Another Great Month Is In Store at The Best Day Club in Vegas


Get pumped for the DAYLIGHT’s weekend line-up starting with the ever-versatile DJ J-Nice, who excels at making you feel good with his wide range of EDM and Dance tracks. If you want to sample a little bit of everything to see what curbs your musical hunger, then you’ll love the stylistic buffet that J-Nice brings to the table. He caters to everyone’s taste by infusing hip-hop, reggaeton, pop, and rock into his mixes so that everyone can have their fixin’s. Seeing him live on Friday, April 28th is bound to leave you feeling satisfied. 


If you’ve got pool party fever, then the only prescription is available by seeing Dr. Fresch this Saturday at DAYLIGHT. If you haven’t heard Dr. Fresch before, then be prepared to experience a “Revelation.” Most people know the good doctor from his incredibly successful single “Gansta Gangsta” featuring Lil Eazy E. His style of hip-hop EDM is one of the freshest sounds to get down to and is perfect for an all-day party under the sun. You’ll feel cured of all that ails you after spending this Saturday with Dr. Fresch at DAYLIGHT. 


Too Short’s rap reign is very long and spans decades. He has some of the best beats of the street and embodies the name of his debut album Don’t Stop Rappin’. Early hits like “Cocktails’” will make you want to raise yours up or go grab another. “Gettin’ It” is a great vibe while you’re going hard and will keep you amped. Bangers like “The Ghetto” and “Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches” boast dirty rhymes that will have you twerkin’ just to prove you can, and there ain’t no shame in that game when rap royalty like Too Short is on the stage.

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