Win A VIP Experience with Dr. Fresch at DAYLIGHT

This Saturday, June 17th, Could Be Your Lucky DAYLIGHT

Things that are awesome: 

DAYLIGHT Beach Club. 

Dr. Fresch. 

VIP Treatment. 


If you put all of those things together, you get something epic that seems like it could only be a dream. 

Yet this dream could be your reality just by filling out this simple form. It will give you a chance to win a VIP Experience with Dr. Fresch where you and 9 of your friends will get entry tickets and an exclusive table on stage!

You can check out Dr. Fresch’s Instagram to see just how hard he throws down. His energy is contagious and he has an uncanny ability to transcend. Dr. Fresch is a genuinely good dude as well as an awe-inspiring performer. He cares about everyone involved in his shows, from fans to promotors to event staff. He’ll be doing a staff meet and greet at DAYLIGHT before his June 17th show to show his appreciation for all who make these events possible. That sort of spirit and positivity is exactly why winning a chance for a VIP experience at DAYLIGHT with Dr. Fresch will be unlike any other. 

Don’t sleep on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to be up close and personal with one of the greatest DJs in the world.